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Vanilla Aromatic Scented Candle Jars

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A familiar scent, yet an exotic one - aromatic, but with a velvety undertone. Vanilla is one of the most popular fragrances as it adapts itself to the occasion and provides a sweet note without becoming overpowering.

The modern shape and robust base of Bolsius Aromatic scented jar candles could be the perfect gift to anyone or perfectly simple decoration for any interior.

Easy to use anywhere around the house, they not only diffuse a wonderful fragrance, but also create an attractive and atmospheric lighting effect through the reflection of the bright flame they produce.

The scent and colour run all the way through the candles, diffusing a wonderful fragrance that retains its character and intensity they can also be used in combination with other scented jar candle or other scented products to create a more intense fragrance experience.

Bolsius candles are made with a premium wax blend and burn with a bright, clear flame up to 24 hours.

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